Our programs

Senior Peer Counselling has two programs operating during June, July & August 2014


This program offers one hour each week of in-home visiting and emotional support to seniors who are feeling isolated, lonely, depressed or vulnerable. The goal of peer counselling is to help ease the difficulties that vulnerable seniors can feel. We do this through friendly, peer-to-peer support. Sometimes something as simple as having someone who knows how to listen without judgment, and who has a good sense of what you may be experiencing and feeling because they, too, are a senior, and may have felt or experienced some of the same things, can be emotionally freeing.


The Caregivers Support groups provide a once per month opportunity for caregivers to meet in a friendly, supportive environment where they can interact with, and both receive and give support to others who are also caregivers. The caregiving journey is a complicated one that can be difficult, exhausting and not well understood by those who have not experienced it.  We run groups for both female and male caregivers.


Every Tuesday afternoon at 1.15 Caregivers can bring their loved on to the Penny Lane Bowling Alley, opposite the Courtenay Public Library.                                    Trained volunteers provide a fun afternoon of bowling followed by coffee and a cookie and time for socializing.



Please phone the office to register. You are welcome to come along and give it a try.


Senior Peer Counselling also offers an information and referral service. Confused about what is available for local seniors, or how to access other supports and services that may be useful?  Call us and we will do our best to help.

To find out more call 250-871-5940.  There is no charge for our services.